Monday, February 24, 2014

Funny Money- $100 Bill for 100 Day & Santa Bucks

$100 Bill for 100 Day

This set has a sheet of three $100 bills in color and a sheet in grayscale. Use them to celebrate the 100th day of school- leave them in or on students' desks as a surprise. Use them as bookmarks, rewards, souvenirs, attach one to a sheet of writing paper for a writing activity (“If I had $100, I would...”), etc. It's $1.00.
You can get it HERE or HERE!
Santa Bucks!

Leave Santa Bucks inside or on top of students’ desks on the last day of school before Christmas or on the day of your winter party, for a surprise. Use them for cards, rewards, bookmarks, souvenirs, games, writing activities (“If I Could Spend My Santa Bucks, I Would…”) and more! There are three bills on a sheet. Both color copies and grayscale copies are included. Merry Christmas! You can get for $1 HERE or HERE!

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