Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tool Themed Father's Day Booklet & 2 Magnets


I always made sure my students made something for their dads for Father's Day. Teachers usually do something for Mother's Day, but Father's Day often occurs after school is already out for the summer. Help your students remember their dads on Father’s Day with this special booklet and fun refrigerator magnets. The booklet is tool themed and has 10 pages (cover and 9 inside pages). The finished booklet will be 8 1/2” x 5 1/2” (5 sheets to copy).  Most pages have sentence starters on them. It is for grades K-2, but Kindergarten students will need some assistance.  There are two graphics for magnets. Have your students color them, then laminate them, cut them out and attach a small magnet on the backs. If your school gets out earlier, make them ahead of time so your students will have something for their dads. Happy Father's Day!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Earth Day Freebie Poster

This 11" x 17" poster is great for Earth Day and all year, too! Hang it in your classroom, office, teacher's lounge or in the hall of your school!

3 New Products

I'm still waiting for spring to come to Michigan! We even had snow this week- brrrrrrr! Hopefully, you are having better weather where you are. I finished three new products this week. The Doodle Frames can be used commercially by teacher sellers only. Have a great week!

Friday, April 19, 2013


It has been raining cats and dogs (bunnies?) here for the past couple of days. Today it's cold, damp, windy, dreary and we might get snowflakes later today. Yesterday, my husband took our dog out in the backyard and  a mom rabbit ran off. It's actually good she did, because we found her 5 baby bunnies in a hole full of very cold water.  We're shocked they were still alive. We took them in the house and warmed them up with towels and a heating pad. Internet sources said to put them in a new hole close to the old one. So we dug a new hole under a big pine tree, put a dry washcloth in the bottom of the hole and replaced the babies. We hoped the tree would keep them dry overnight. It rained all night and I worried about them constantly. The tree was close to the neighbor's yard behind us, where the mom rabbit ran, so we were hoping she'd find her babies. After much research, we learned that wild rabbits feed their young only at dusk and at dawn. This morning they were out there, very wet, stiff and cold.
We didn't think they were even alive. We felt terrible. We quickly brought them in, put them in towels and warmed them up with a heating pad. They started moving around and making little squeaks. All five were still alive! I searched the internet again and found a rescue lady in a nearby city and I called her. She agreed to take them. We took them over to her this morning. She said very young rabbits like these recover better from hypothermia than older ones and are a little easier to feed. She advised that people should NOT try to feed them because they are very hard to feed (even for experienced  rescue people) and they tend to choke easily. We had bought goat's milk (advice from pet shop employee) last night in case we were going to try to feed them. The rescue lady said she was one step ahead in saving them because I hadn't fed them. Goat's milk is not what you feed bunnies, either! 
 We hope they all make it!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

April's Color Challenge... Free Kit!

I love Kim Broedelet's Color Challenges! They really get my creative juices flowing! As usual, I loved this month's color swatch (she picks great colors!), but decided to leave out the 2 golds and just use the other 5 colors:
If you want to paticipate in the challenge, you still have plenty of time. Go to Kim's Colour Challenge to get the information. You can make something to share, or do a digital scrapbook layout using the color swatch above. She'll even reward you with a free kit if you participate!

Anyway, here is the kit I made to share with all of you...
I hope you like it and that you use it! Please let me know what you think of the kit if you download it.
I'd love and appreciate your thoughts and comments. Click Spring Has Sprung to download it.
Have a great week, everyone!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Two New Alphbets!

2 New Alphabets!

I love to make alphabets! They really make your work look snazzy! I just made these two new ones.  There are 89 files in each set- capital letters, lower case letters, numbers, punctuation marks and symbols. Each piece is approximately 1.5 inches wide and 2 inches tall. The alphabet pieces are individual png files. They are transparent images without backgrounds. You can place them on any other background. You can insert them into word processing documents, your newsletters, Power Point files, art programs, etc. to make titles, fancy letters for bulletin boards, name tags, book covers, digital scrapbooking pages or other items. They can be easily resized. They are in 300 dpi resolution for sharp and clear printing.

You may use the contents of this kit to create something to sell on Teachers Pay Teachers or Teachers Notebook or other “teachers selling to teachers” websites as long as it’s used in an image that is flattened- a jpeg or a pdf file- and you do not sell the files in their original png format.  If you use the alphabet commercially, you must give me credit in your Terms of Use file, for example:
Candy Cane Alphabet by Johnson Creations: http://barb-johnsoncreations.blogspot.com

No other commercial use is allowed. Each alphabet is only $2.00.