Thursday, January 31, 2013

Frog Clock Labels

Attach these adorable frogs to the edge of your classroom clock to help your students learn how to tell time.
Photocopy the two sheets of frog labels on cardstock, a thicker paper. Laminate both sheets and then cut out the circles. Attach them to the outside edge of your classroom clock with tape or sticky tack.


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Happy shopping! :-)

Monday, January 28, 2013

Valentine's Day Printables

This fun set of black lined masters has four heart and Valentine's Day themed door hangers and five bookmarks for your students to color. They are great for improving fine motor skills- coloring and cutting- and for fun! Happy Valentine's Day!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

March Writing Ideas

 This packet has ideas for all kinds of writing for spring and the month of March. You will find directions and sheets for five kinds of poetry, story starters, stationery and sheets to teach lessons for  writing friendly letters. Both color sheets and black masters are included.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Printables

This kit includes:
Sheet of 2 door hangers to color
Sheet of 2 door hangers in color
Sheet of 5 bookmarks in color
8.5" x 11" door sign in color
Sheet of 4 leprechaun hats in color for headbands
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Rainbow Colors Bar Graph-FREE Download

A new FREE download at both stores.... This activity is especially fun to do on St. Patrick's Day, but it can be done on any day of the year. Title Cards, Color Cards and directions are included.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

16 Beautiful Heart Papers!

These 16 beautiful heart themed papers can be used for Valentine's Day projects, Mother's Day projects, Power Point backgrounds, scrapbooking, class book covers, writing projects and more. They are digital files. The papers are 12" x 12" and 300 dpi resolution for printing. These are for personal use only. $3.00

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Leprechaun Pots

This is a fun and educational project for science (plants) and/or for Saint Patrick’s Day.  The milk carton covers come in a black & white version to color and in a full color version. They fit standard size lunchroom milk cartons.  Laminating the covers is not necessary, but is highly recommended.  Students can plant grass in their milk cartons and when it grows, the grass looks like their leprechauns’ green hair is growing! Then the students can give their leprechauns haircuts with their scissors. They LOVE it!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Field Trip Name Tags

There are 6 cute bus name tags on a sheet. There are also spaces for the school's name and phone number. Print them, cut them out and attach them with a pin or masking tape.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Let's do the Calendar!

Calendar Kit
You will find many useful items for a class calendar in this kit. It includes:

·        Calendar Pieces: Number boxes 1-31 and blanks in nine colors- blue, green, orange, pink, purple, red, turquoise, white and yellow. Use the different colors to make your own patterns.
·        A Clock and Hands: There are different hands (hour, minute and second) to choose from- thin, thick, and ones with labels.
·        Digital Time Box Pieces: Students write the time digitally, including the colon. It’s good for students to have to write the colon themselves, instead of having it printed.
·        Days of the Week Cards & Months Cards: Use them on your calendar and make extra sets for word wall words, flash cards or for center activities (students can practice putting them in order, spelling them, etc.).
·        Years Cards: Years 2013-2028 are included.
·        Tally Sheet
·        100 Grid: 11” x 17”
·        Time Poem: Two sizes- 8.5” x 11” and 11” x 17”
·        Roman Numerals Chart & Roman Numerals Sheet
·        Money Sheet: Add a penny a day and put the final counts on this sheet
·        Math Problem of the Day Sheet
·        Weather Dial & Arrows

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Valentine's Day Gift Tags- FREE

Attach these cute tags to your students', family's, or co-workers' Valentine's Day treats or gifts. There are 4 tags on a sheet. They are FREE  at both of my stores. Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, January 11, 2013

New Freebie Set of Papers

Here's a new freebie set of papers I made for Kim Broedelet's Colour Challenge for January:
You can get it HERE.

If you want to join her challenge by doing a layout or by making a mini kit, goHERE.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Desk Owls

There are 3 different stand up owls in this set. They can be used to decorate desks or any other flat surfaces in your classroom- bookshelves, tables- they even stand out on bulletin boards! The owls are especially cute around Valentine's Day (use the ones with hearts) or for the beginning of school, Open House or anytime for a fun project. I hope your students enjoy making them!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Bee Alphabet

This is an alphabet, not a font. The alphabet pieces are png files. That means they are transparent images without backgrounds. You can place them on any other background. You can insert them into word processing documents, your newsletters, Power Point files, art programs, etc. to make titles, fancy letters for bulletin boards, or other items.

If you are a teacher, you may use the contents of this kit to create something to sell on Teachers Pay Teachers or Teachers Notebook as long as it’s used in an image that is flattened- a jpeg or a pdf file- and you do not sell the files in their original png format.  If you use the alphabet commercially, you must give me credit in your Terms of Use file:
Bee Alphabet by Johnson Creations:
No other commercial use is allowed.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Pin the Nose on Rudolph Class Party Game

“Pin the Nose on Rudolph”
 Class Party Game

1.           Print the Rudolph poster in color on 11” x 17” paper. Laminate it, if possible.
2.         Print the black and white noses if you want to save your colored ink. Each student can write their name on a nose, color it red, and cut it out.  Or you can print the red noses and have each student write their name on one and cut it out.
3.         Put a piece of rolled tape or sticky tack putty on the back of each nose.
4.         Play “Pin the Nose on Rudolph” just like you would play “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”. Each child is blindfolded, spun around a few times and then they stick their nose where they think it should go. No peeking allowed!
5.         The closest nose (or the farthest away!) is the winner.

FREE President Obama Reading Comprehension Story

Assess your students' reading comprehension skills while learning about our President. Use it for President's Day or any time. It can be used as a whole group activity or for independent student work. For grades 1-3. FREE 

Friday, January 4, 2013

100 Day Certificates

Help your students feel special and recognize them with these certificates on the 100th day of school. The awards are for "Perfect Attendance" for the first 100 days of school and for "Being 100 Days Smarter".

Frog Classroom Helpers Set Number Two

This second set of frog classroom helpers includes:
North, South, East, West classroom wall signs
Frog Days of the Week cards
Frog Months of the Year cards
5 frog bookmarks
2 Frog Great Behavior Award Certificates
4 sheets of frog Writing Folder Labels
“From the Desk of…” Frog Teacher Stationery
“Welcome To Our Pad” Sign
Frog Book Cover & Lined Writing Page

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Frog Themed Behavior Chart

Use this $2.50 chart to improve classroom behavior and encourage role model behavior. At the beginning of each day, all students’ pieces start on the “Ready to Learn” section. When you catch students making good choices (good behavior, helping others, etc.), tell them to move up a section. For behavior issues or children making poor choices, they move down a section at a time. Have predetermined consequences for the bottom 2 sections and discuss how the chart works with your class before you start to use it.
I give a small reward certificate (already printed and signed ahead of time) to students who are on “Role Model” at the end of the day. I included a sheet of these awards for you! Just print one copy, sign each of the four cards, then photocopy and cut them apart. Keep a stack on your desk. At the end of each day, just add the date and students’ names to the cards and give them to your role model students. Your students will love them and so will their parents! It’s a fast way to encourage and reward great behavior!
At the end of the day, a child has the job of putting all the pieces back on "Ready To Learn" for the next day.
I hope the chart works as well for your class as it has for mine!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Frog Classroom Helpers Set 1

Even if you don't have a frog themed classroom, these items will be cute and helpful in your classroom!  The kit includes:
Clock Labels (clock not included)
"We Leap for Reading" Poster
Round Blank Decorative Labels
Rectangle Blank Decorative Labels
Oval Blank Decorative Labels
"We're Leaping into Learning" Stationery in color and black and white (for parent notes or newsletters)
"We're Leaping into Learning" Graphics in black and white and in color (so you can insert them into your own newsletters)
Frog Bus stationery (sign)
"Leap into Reading" Door Hangers
Four Sheets of Frog Desk Name Tags
Round Frog Name Tags
"Leaping Into Learning" Name Tags
100 chart
Sheet of Four Smaller 100 Charts
11" x 17" "Lake" Classroom Seating Chart Poster
Sheet of Frog Boxes for Seating Chart