Friday, August 30, 2013


This Spiders Writing Packet has everything you need for a fun and educational writing unit on Spiders. Your students will be writing five different types of poems (directions included), and a non-fiction report and/or a fiction story about Spiders. This unit would be great to teach during the month of October or during any month!
This packet includes:
A cute “Welcome to Our Web” Door Sign
Two blank, 11” x 17” Spider Charts
11” x 17” Chart of Spider Vocabulary Words to post while students are writing
11” x 17” Chart of Spider Terms and Definitions
11” x 17” Animal Report Information Worksheet
8 ½” x 11” Animal Report Information Worksheet
2 Report Planning WEB sheets
Sheets for 5 Different Types of Poetry
Parent Letter for Spider Research Homework Assignment (a Word document- editable)
2 sheets of lines for writing
5 sheets decorated with spiders and webs
5 sheets decorated with spiders and webs with lines
Cute Cover for Spider Book or Report
How many words can you make from “SPIDERS” work sheet

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