Sunday, August 4, 2013

Lost Tooth Certificates & Birthday Balloons Chart

There are two Lost Tooth Certificates on a sheet. When a student loses a tooth, give them this cute certificate to honor the occasion!  Print a bunch of them to have on hand.
The certificates match my Lost Tooth Poster.
This bright and colorful Birthday Balloons 11" x 17" Chart will brighten any classroom! Print the poster on 11” x 17” paper. Laminate it for years of use. You can write on the laminate with overhead markers and then wash the marker off so you can reuse the poster. Or you can print a new poster every year and write right on the paper.
If you want to type names and dates on the poster, open the pdf. Click on “Sign” at the far right on your top menu bar. Then click on “Add Text”. With your mouse, click on each balloon to add your text. Then select your font and size and type. 

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