Thursday, January 3, 2013

Frog Themed Behavior Chart

Use this $2.50 chart to improve classroom behavior and encourage role model behavior. At the beginning of each day, all students’ pieces start on the “Ready to Learn” section. When you catch students making good choices (good behavior, helping others, etc.), tell them to move up a section. For behavior issues or children making poor choices, they move down a section at a time. Have predetermined consequences for the bottom 2 sections and discuss how the chart works with your class before you start to use it.
I give a small reward certificate (already printed and signed ahead of time) to students who are on “Role Model” at the end of the day. I included a sheet of these awards for you! Just print one copy, sign each of the four cards, then photocopy and cut them apart. Keep a stack on your desk. At the end of each day, just add the date and students’ names to the cards and give them to your role model students. Your students will love them and so will their parents! It’s a fast way to encourage and reward great behavior!
At the end of the day, a child has the job of putting all the pieces back on "Ready To Learn" for the next day.
I hope the chart works as well for your class as it has for mine!

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