Sunday, November 25, 2012

Let's Get Healthy!

Teachers, let’s get healthy!

These FREE health journals will help you with your New Year’s resolutions, or just to get healthy any time!  You can download them at either of my stores. The inside pages have spaces for you to record your daily exercise, food, weight, and water intake. There are also spots for added notes and goals. You can print them in two different sizes- 5½” x 7” or 8½” x 11”.

 I don’t give you specific health advice, for example, how much water you should drink in a day, because I’m not a doctor. Even doctors’ opinions differ on the subject.  I do know, however, that we should drink A LOT of water every day.  I also know that I drink more water when I get to write it down in my health journal and that I eat less goodies when I know I have to record what I eat!

This journal has been effective for me and for friends of mine who have used it regularly. I hope it will help you to get healthy and to stay healthy, too.

I suggest you print the cover on cardstock and laminate it, to make it last a long time. Print a month’s worth of pages at first, to see how it works for you. There are two sizes of each journal, so print the size you think will work best for you. It’s helpful if you can always have it with you, so printing a smaller size might make it more convenient. Remember, with any program, commitment is the key.

Good luck!
Barb Johnson

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