Sunday, October 7, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Activity Packet

This packet is for pre-kindergarten through fourth grade.
This packet includes:
·       A “Thankful” activity- turkey body, 2 different sheets of feathers to write on, title for bulletin board or wall
·       An 8 page Thanksgiving story to illustrate
·       A Thanksgiving word search and answer sheet
·       6 Thanksgiving door hangers in full color
·       6 Thanksgiving door hangers in black and white to color
·       Patterns and directions for a pilgrim hat (for boys)
·       Directions for a pilgrim bonnet (for girls)
·       Sheet of feathers and directions for a Native American headband
·       Compare & Contrast the First Thanksgiving with Thanksgiving today
·       A black and white turkey to color
·       A sheet of pilgrims and Native Americans to color
·       A turkey addition sheet
·       A turkey color words sheet
·       3 spelling/word activity sheets
·       An Acrostic poetry writing activity
·       1 sheet of black and white Thanksgiving bookmarks to color
·       1 sheet of Thanksgiving bookmarks in full color
·       A Thanksgiving story with comprehension questions and an answer key
·       A Cinquain poetry writing activity
·       A Haiku poetry writing activity     

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  1. Looks fun barb. I think holiday packs are good sellers. ;)