Friday, August 24, 2012

Grade Book and Lesson Plans Book Covers

New teacher book covers uploaded today. They are on sale at TPT this weekend for $1.80 each.


  1. I love these covers! Especially the bright colors.
    I've been wondering for a while, how do people make that swirly text border? Is it a clip art or something you make/purchase? (it's also at the top of your behavior chart). I see it everywhere and I just LOVE it

    I am your newest follower!! Come visit me over at www.AisforAfterschool.blogspot.com


    1. Hi Jenelle,
      Thanks for your nice comments! I made that piece in Photoshop- it's just 4 brackets put together. Look at the key next to the P on your keyboard- see the top of it- what you get when you hold down the shift key? That's what I used- 4 of them rotated and pieced together.I don't remember what font I used though. I am now following your cute blog! :-)