Tuesday, June 17, 2014



Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE popcorn. Hubby and I each get a large popcorn tub at the movies, and then get a refill on the way out of the theater!  I thought this would be a fun theme for a classroom. My friend, also a "Barb", is going to use this theme this year so I am busy making lots of things with my popcorn (yes, the pieces of popcorn are from my own real popcorn!).

This set will help you make a great bulletin board for an Open House or Back to School Night!  There are title boxes for Preschool through 6th grade (“Look Who’s Popped Into ___ Grade”), frames for your students' pictures- you can write their names on the bottom white box by hand or type them in (directions included), and 12 large pieces of popcorn. You can get the set HERE or HERE.

When your students "pop" into class this year, surprise them with cute desk name tags that tell them they are awesome! There are two sheets - one for boys and one for girls, with 3 name tags on each sheet. The set is $1.00 and you can get it HERE or HERE.
Give your students these cool name tags to wear!  There are 6 on a sheet. Write the names on by hand or type them on your computer (directions included). Attach them with a piece of rolled masking tape for easy removal. They are great for field trips and guest teachers, too. You can get them for $1.00 HERE or HERE.

Attach these cool popcorn labels to the edge of your classroom clock to help your students learn how to tell time. Photocopy the two sheets of labels on cardstock, a thicker paper. Laminate both sheets and then cut out the circles. Attach them to the outside edge of your classroom clock with tape or sticky tack.  You can get them for $1.00 HERE or HERE.



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