Friday, March 28, 2014

"Awesome" Memory Books & Animal Reports Update!

"Awesome" Memory Books
Help your students reminisce about their wonderful school year while they make an AWESOME memory book for a souvenir. This set has book covers for Kindergarten through Fourth Grade (if you want an additional grade, email me). The covers come in color and also in plain black (to save on colored ink!) for easy photocopying. There are 36 pages to choose from, including 4 different “Autograph” pages.  Pick and choose the sheets you want to use! There are also sheets for each month, if you want your students to complete a page at the end of every month. The sheets have cute “doodled” type borders and pictures.  Enjoy the end of the school year! The set is $4.50 and you can get it HERE or HERE.
I got a wonderful surprise in my email this morning! Mrs. Hawkins, a second grade teacher, sent me photos of her students' completed "Animal Reports". They are so cool- I LOVE them!  Look:

Mrs. Hawkins said, "They were great!  Easy to work with.  Loved the lines- perfect for our little writers, and that we could use the extra lined page for extra pages. The kids were quite proud of their books! We're happy to share them!"
I love seeing my products being used! I LOVE hearing that students are successful using them and that they enjoy them. That made my day! Thank you, Mrs. Hawkins!
My email address is in all of my products. Please send me pictures of my products being used in YOUR classroom! Faces and names will always be blocked, and if I use them, you will get a surprise! :-)
Here's the Animal Reports kit:
You can get it HERE or HERE!
Have a great weekend!

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