Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Field Trip Book

Field Trip Book
I loved taking my class on field trips!  During some years, we went on one a  month! We went to the zoo, museums, forests, pools, apple orchards, and more.  I liked to have my students write about their experiences when we returned from our trip or the next day.  I made this packet for that purpose. It's a reproducible writing book to use after field trips. It includes a cover and 6 inside pages (2 different sizes of lines). Ways to use this book:
1.  Choose the pages you want to include in the book. Have each child make their own book.
2.  Use the pages individually.
3.  Have students work together and make partner books.
4.  Write one book together as a class book*.
5.  Assign everyone the same page and then put the sheets together into a class book*. Have a volunteer color and complete the cover sheet.

*Students can take turns taking class books home overnight to share them with their families. Put them in a large brown envelope to protect them.

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