Wednesday, June 5, 2013

NEW Time Capsule Book and Label!

I made this product for a teacher friend of mine (Janice) to use with her fourth graders next week. She used to make one with her kindergarteners many years ago. One of those kindergarteners just graduated this week with Janice's daughter.  Janice saw her at graduation and she told Janice she couldn't wait to open her time capsule from KINDERGARTEN! The girl's mom told Janice that her daughter had been talking a lot about it and was very eager to open it! Janice asked me to make her a new Time Capsule activity set- a book and a label for the book's envelope. So here it is- I just finished it today and it's in both of my stores.
This Time Capsule booklet has 16 half-sheet pages. Pick and choose the pages you want to use (for younger students) or use all of them (for older students). I didn’t number the pages in case you weren’t going to use them all. Cut the pages in half, put the pages in order and staple the books on the top left corner or on the left side of the booklet. A parent volunteer can do this for you if you have younger students. Older students can assemble and staple their own books. Students can complete the pages over a period of days or 1-2 work periods (older students). They can color the cover, if you choose. Finished booklets can go into a 9” x 6” envelope or a folded piece of construction paper (glue or staple the closed edges). Students should color the label and glue it to the front of their envelope. Students can open and enjoy their time capsules when they graduate from high school!

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