Thursday, February 7, 2013

Under the Sea Classroom Behavior Chart

This colorful $2.50 chart will not only brighten your classroom, it will help improve your students' behavior. The chart comes in three 11" x 8.5" sections that you will print and then tape together.Laminate it for years of use. Laminate the chart pieces (4 different sets to choose from) for your students. Then cut them apart. I use a ball of blue sticky wall putty on the back of each piece to stick them to the chart.
At the beginning of each day, all students’ pieces start on the “Ready to Learn” section. When you catch students making good choices (good behavior, helping others, etc.), tell them to move up a section. For behavior issues or children making poor choices, they move down a section at a time. Have predetermined consequences for the bottom 2 sections and discuss how the chart works with your class before you start to use it. A student can have the job of putting the pieces back on the "Ready to Learn" section at the end of each day.

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